YTU balls illuminate our body blind spots.  Body blind spots are places in our bodies we are not aware of.  We all have blind spots, and if not found they can be the source of pain and injury. They are our jagged edges.

Yoga Tune Up® balls illuminate blind spots, cultivating awareness. Through practice we learn how to strategically use the YTU balls‘ magic. Excavation of tissues not only shines a light of awareness, but begins to change the structure of muscle fibers, liquefying, realigning, nourishing and revitalizing our tissues. When we use or overuse our muscles the fibers break and tear. As they heal, if there is no attention and care given, they will regenerate and lay in a haphazard way. This sets up conditions for a weaker infrastructure and bigger tearing to occur down the road and/or forming of adhesions. Massaging with YTU balls helps break up adhesions and realign muscle fibers so they are healthier and stronger. It’s like how dropping a box of toothpicks creates a haphazard pile all going in different directions. If you roll your hand over the tooth picks in one direction eventually the toothpicks will realign.

How did my balls roll off my mat? Let’s say, I can see my life fibers realigning. The process of changing the structure of our muscles or patterns in our life may not always be pleasant.  Living life fully can be a bumpy ride but that’s what keeps us healthy. You can be cruising down the road of life and bump right into a relationship drama, like finding a knot or trigger point. In relationships and in soft tissue, communication is key. Having spent most of my life trying to avoid difficult discussions, I know the only way to heal is to go into the discomfort. Just like rolling out my infraspinatus, very tender and uncomfortable!  I know to breathe and stay present with the discomfort. I get to work rolling, kneading, and pushing on the tensegrity of my life with as much honesty and compassion as I can muster. Breaking up adhesions and liquefying fascial connections, changing up old patterns, and bringing me back to my authenticity.

I am awakening more and more to blind spots in my life. YTU Therapy Balls seek, shine and realign. Being a part of the Yoga Tune Up® world, I admire the courageous souls who are excavating their tissues or issues. The healing is the same: locate, roll, knead, stretch, pin and breathe. Some problems may be too raw and sensitive and space is needed. With persistence, patience and kindness we heal. Healing ourselves is always the same whether it’s a muscle or a relationship, it’s uncomfortable but once we get past the fear of the pain we may wake up and realize we are kinder and stronger than we know. We begin to break free of old patterns.   No matter which layer we are working on, physical, mental or spiritual, it’s all connected; like fascia, we can’t work on one part without affecting the others. If we have the courage to look and explore we begin to create a much healthier and ultimately stronger and happier life.

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