The nurse undid the velcro straps and put the knee high walker boot on. Minimal to no driving, sit as much as possible, and more tests to make sure there isn’t nerve damage. My first steps were slow and difficult. “Wow, that’s gotta hurt,” says a stranger in the hall.

 As I had driven to my appointment, I unbooted and put on my regular shoe. No movement and no driving. It felt like my world had caved in on itself.

Two weeks went by and there still wasn’t any improvement. No anti-inflammatory nor boot was helping my situation. I came out to my car and collapsed onto my steering wheel. I am movement educator who can’t really move and didn’t have the answers to what was going on. I was in the pain cave and couldn’t find my way out.

 Test after test showed nothing. Finally, I was in PT after a month of barely walking. I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome. My big toe could not point which made walking and driving difficult. And the process began.

Funny thing…it looked a bit like Yoga Tune Up®! I was awakening my underused muscles (hello gluteal muscles), playing with direction of movement (flexion and inversion/eversion of the foot), and getting some soft tissue work with something that made the therapy balls seem kind. There were also new things like the laser therapy and KT tape.

Giving the boot the boot with a little flexion and eversion.

Progress began slowly…

 One month out, I was finally able to walk around the grocery with help of the grocery cart.  Two months later (with KT tape on), I hiked eight miles (albeit slowly) and enjoyed the beauty of Joshua Tree.  One year out, I’m still learning. I’ve progressed but still finding things that precipitated my injury.

I’ve drafted a list of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my healing process. Stay tuned to the blog next week!

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