My 22 year old equestrian student Lindsay came to yoga for the first time with a “bum” right hip. She’d fallen off her horse onto that hip at age 13. Fortunately no bones were broken.  In the years since her accident, Lindsay’s hip feels sore, weak and vulnerable while riding. She also experiences quite a bit of hip discomfort on long flights, sitting for extended class sessions, or while driving. Lindsay assumed that someday she’d “have to have a hip replacement and already felt as if her body was old.”

Furthermore, as she described to me the coordinated movement a rider and their horse requires, she taught me how crucial a balanced seat on the horse can be to the quality of the ride, and the sensitive response of the 1000 pound horse to her asymmetrical seat. Essentially, while riding her beloved horse Magic, she told me, “When I’m not balanced, Magic is not balanced!”

Along with Lindsay’s increased awareness of her posture, core muscles, and poised alignment, one of Lindsay’s favorite Yoga Tune Up ® poses is Hip Hikers on all Fours. Through practicing Hip Hikers, Lindsay has strengthened and toned both sides of her gluteal muscles.

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Over the course of the semester with regular practice in class and at home, Lindsay reported that her hip is not bothering her anymore.  Additionally, Lindsay has enjoyed Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball massage, not only for her own self-care, but for Magic, her wonderful horse (see the pictures below)!

Lindsay uses Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball to massage her horse
Lindsay & Magic

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