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Massage Away Your Sore Throat

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After a particularly stressful week, I woke up with a tonsilitis-like sore throat. And yet, I wasn’t sick, nor did I have allergies. Palpating my neck looking for swollen glands, I found the front of my neck was tender to the touch. My discomfort was coming from the outside, not the inside, of my body. Did you know that tight anterior neck muscles can present as a sore throat?

A little time with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls on each mastoid process (that bony bump behind your earlobe) and massaging my sternocleidomastoid from its clavicular attachment on up and I was good as new. And the added bonus was that I had stimulated my lymph system (lots of glands in the area) as well as stretched out my eustacean tubes (my husband hopes I’ll be able to hear him better now).

The next time your throat is feeling a little scratchy and you’re pretty sure it’s not a cold or allergy, try some YTU to massage your sore throat before reaching for the OTC meds. Try the self massage techniques shown below (and also on the 5 Minute Quick Fix for Neck video) to learn how to rub out your neck for natural sore throat relief.

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Watch our sore throat massage video on YouTube.

Comments (18)

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