Recently, one of my students discovered how tight her left shoulder was while I was teaching her the leg stretch series and practicing Yoga Tune Up® Leg Stretch #3.  Although this pose focuses on the lumbar twist, it is also a deep shoulder and chest opener. I could see that she was intrigued by the discovery that her left shoulder couldn’t get as close to the floor as her right shoulder. This woman is a Jungian analyst and felt that there was more to see inside of her tightness then just muscle resistance, so she was thoughtfully relishing her exploration. I suggested that she begins to practice this pose daily for one week; holding each side for two minutes to see what might change in her body.

After one week of practicing this way she was thrilled to show me her improvement: her shoulder was getting down to the ground! She was so happy to tell me that for the first time she could blow-dry her hair without her arm hurting! Her four minute home practice made a huge difference for her. She has not only eliminated her arm pain while blow-drying her hair, she is now enjoying greater ease in her sitting twists as well as her shoulders are gaining more flexibility.

Yoga Tune Up® Leg Stretch #3 benefits the well-used weight bearing hip joints as well as the chest and shoulders. For most students who begin yoga later in life, it is the improvement of simple daily activities that younger people and experienced yoga students take for granted, that restores confidence and cultivates inspiration for continuing practice.

For my student it was the ease of using a hair blower without arm pain.  For others it might be getting in and out of a car or a chair. I have students who are so happy to be able to stand for longer periods of time while working, cooking, or doing chores as a result of a consistent, but simple home practice. Confidence grows and replaces insecurity because they simply feel better.  Excited and inspired, they no longer assume that they will “just have to live with this pain” and they’ll want to explore with greater confidence this wonderful art of yoga.  Yoga Tune Up® gives organized options offering seniors renewed vision of their body while enjoying more freedom from daily pain and fatigue in only four minutes!

You’ll find Leg Stretch #3 in the 10 Minute Lower Back Quickfix Video which includes a number of other great exercises for Lower Back pain relief. I look forward to hearing how it helps you!

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