If you want to get in touch with your Serratus Anterior and really feel the way it helps integrate your whole magnificent muscular core, Mega Plank is absolute perfect Yoga Tune Up® pose for you to practice.  Not only will it prepare you for every Chatturanga, arm balance, and Downward Dog you will attempt in your career as a yogi, but it will also make you a fabulously impressive Pilates pupil.  Honestly, any Pilates instructor who saw you do this pose the Yoga Tune Up® way would be so flabbergasted and impressed by your precision and strength, she would want to marry you! (or something).

Here’s how to do it:

The forearms are parallel to each other, shoulder-distance apart. Shoulder sockets are vertically joint-stacked over elbows. Body is stiff as a solid board, while belly inflates slightly to ignite the abdominals into full tension.

Megaplank with Active Serratus will strengthen you from armpit to pelvis!

To activate the serratus anterior, protract the shoulder blades by pushing the ground away while the upper back hunches, then depress the shoulder blades as if pulling a window shut while the arms remain pinned to the floor.

Maintain all actions at once. Hold for about 30 seconds.

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