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Eradicating Morning Stiffness

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You might be sore some mornings because of how you slept, what you ate, how hydrated you are (or aren’t) and a myriad of other reasons. Most often, some simple movements can make a huge difference in how alert, supple, and ready you feel at the start of your day.

Three areas of the body that are extremely helpful to work with are the feet, hips, and shoulders. Everything we do starts with the feet as they are made up of massive numbers of nerves, bones and muscles. Feet provide balance and our ability to react to the ground, so our every step and action depend on them. Our hips and shoulders are like the Panama Canal of our body, regulating through their stiffness or openness just how much fluid, nutrition and energy flow through our torso to our limbs.dong fang qi mo

By waking up your feet, hips and shoulders in every conceivable direction through self-care massage and multi-directional movements, you can arouse your entire nervous system and increase blood circulation and nutrition flow through your whole body.

Isn’t that what waking up is supposed to do? I think so too. By the way, open feet, hips and shoulder also means you’ll feel less fatigue all day and less pain as your body experiences less internal resistance. Sign me up!

You can also use your breath as a means to wake up your body and start your day right. The video posted below shows the Yoga Tune Up® 3 Step Breath (and you can also see it and more in the 10 Minute Quick Fix Yoga for Stress Relief video here) that will help start your day with a clear and refreshed mind.

Watch our stress relief videos instantly.

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Comments (80)

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