“The body will share a lot when you listen.”

As a specialist in visceral manipulation, Dr. Missy Albrecht goes where few wellness practitioners ever go–directly into the abdominal organs.

That’s right, a central part of her work is massaging clients’ internal organs to help them regain natural rotational axis, and free up inhibitions in surrounding soft-tissues. She often works with C-section scarring, GI issues, and disordered eating.

Dr. Albrecht’s insights on the very intimate relationship between organ health, musculoskeletal pain, and mental health might surprise you. However, this is only a part of Albrecht’s Denver-based physical therapy practice.

Albrecht is a doctor of physical therapy specializing in self-care education: giving clients tools to manage care on their own, instead of being dependant upon their PT for regular care. Her aim is to empower clients to maintain their own wellness, and just come back for a tune-up with her as needed, from time to time.

Click the play button below to listen to the full interview with Dr. Albrecht by Tune Up Fitness® blog manager Ariel Kiley. Here you will learn more about healing abdominal issues, understanding body pain, and the importance of enjoying your chocolate cake.


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