One Less Pain in the Butt

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In my previous article, “The Emperor Muscle – the Gluteus Maximus and Other Pains in the Butt”, we discussed the mechanics of how gluteus maximus dysfunction and generally weak hips can show up elsewhere in the body  as IT band pain, knee pain, and/or piriformis syndrome.

Allow me to share my tale (or tail…Ha!) of woe with you. First and foremost, I do not consider myself a runner. In fact, I may be a person who runs, but am not a runner, per se. While I enjoy the convenience and simplicity of lacing up my shoes and heading out the door, I don’t have a particular passion for running. Lifting, however, is a completely different story…

Onto my tale…

Three years ago,  I was out for a run when I noticed that my left foot would go numb within 7-10 minutes of hitting the pavement.  I would lace my shoes a bit looser, but to no avail. 5 minutes later, my entire lower leg was numb. After  a bit of  investigating, it came to light that years of squats, lunges and deadlifts had left my posterior tight, taut, toned, and COMPLETELY dysfunctional. Enter Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model® Therapy balls to the rescue!

After changing my mindset  to  be more recovery-minded rather than end-result minded, I was able  to incorporate the stretches and techniques below to help me become a more balanced athlete, and said goodbye to leg pain! You may not be able to do much about your pesky neighbor with a predilection for techno music at 2am, but gluteus maximus dysfunction is one pain in the butt that you can eradicate!




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Comments (33)

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