A few weeks ago, I led a yoga and meditation workshop for a small group of women, ages ranging from 35-65. One of my participants, Kathy, works out at the gym 4-5 times per week. She is slim and strong. We worked through basic standing poses including the famous tree posture, a one-legged balance pose.

Kathy’s face began to grimace within 5 seconds of holding the pose. As I was about to inquire, she came out of tree and began hobbling around in pain. “I’ll tell you later” she responded to my questions.

plantar fasciitic pain areas
Most frequent areas of Plantar Fasciitis pain

Kathy soon confided in me that she was recovering from plantar fasciitis, a fact that she did not share on her intake questionnaire. As we spoke further, Kathy disclosed that high impact running on the treadmill too many days per week was probably the cause, according to her physician.

We tend to disconnect from the health of our feet, and attempt to “work-out” virtually every part of our body except our feet.  To many of us, our feet could be invisible, when in fact we rely on them to transport us through life. Our feet root us to the earth, and we need care for them in the way any living creature deserves.

One fun and very effective way to heed the call of discomfort in our feet is through Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball exercises. There is nothing like  rolling out the plantar fascia in every direction with the Therapy Balls to keep the soles flexible and supportive.

With Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball work, Kathy eventually stood tall and strong in tree pose!

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