After long hours of spent in a chair (where most us tend to stick for 8-10 hours each day), the psoas  appreciates stretching,  stimulation, proper alignment, massage and constructive rest.

Constructive Rest: (Also known as Ardha Savasana) offers a passive release of the psoas.

  • Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Your feet should align with the front of the hip sockets.
  • Your trunk and head need to be parallel to the floor (if your head is tilting backwards,place a rolled up towel or small cushion under your head to keep your  spine in optimum alignment).
  • Feet are parallel to one another.
  • Arms rest several inches away from the midline of the body (with palms faced upwards) or rest your palms on top of your abdomen.
  • Close your eyes;  breathe deeply and allow the force of gravity to release the psoas.

Stretching: releasing the entire psoas (especially the upper portion’s attachment near lungs) with a high lunge and sidebend.

  • Step your right foot forward and left foot about 2,5 feet back, balancing on the ball of the foot.
  • Align your 2 hips so they are square and are pointing straight forward.
  • Keep both of your knees bent and stack your shoulders over your pelvis.
  • As you inhale reach both of your arms over head, loop your left hand around your right wrist.
  • As you exhale lean your torso over toward the right side.Allow your right hand traction the left wrist away from the left shoulder.
  • Finally, begin to straighten the back knee. Breathe deeply and guide your breath into the deep stretch within the gut.
  • Switch sides.

Alignment: the key to balanced, well-maintained psoas is a neutral pelvis. This is a position of the pelvis, which does not involve backward movement (also known as posterior tilt) or forward movement (also referred as anterior tilt).

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Massage: Give your psoas deep self-induced massage by rolling your guts with a soft inflated ball.

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