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Yoga Wisdom Embodied at Age 18!

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“I wanted a “flat” stomach”, confessed Reed when I asked what brought her to class.  Commendably, Reed was willing to commit to her physical fitness and my class fit her full schedule. Just out of high school, Reed was starting fresh in college.

It is certainly common for new students to conceive of yoga as a series of movements focused on the outwardly impressive poses. The magnificent practices of Yoga Tune Up® and asana* clearly do result in greater flexibility, strength, and physical rehabilitation for the body.

Reed glowing after yoga class.

Reed had not anticipated the psychological benefits from class. Harnessing the power of the yogic complete breath, Reed has learned to slow down her runaway thoughts.

“Yoga has helped with my anxiety. I just didn’t anticipate the mental aspect. I used to get worked up and overwhelmed easily. Now I notice my breath and thoughts more. I don’t beat myself up. I’ve personally experienced that I can even meditate! Yoga has helped me learn who I am in a positive way. I enjoy all of it-particularly the breathing, the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, and the downward dog, which totally relieves my lower back tension. I would tell a student considering this class: don’t have any preconceived notion about Yoga.”

Clearly, chronological age is not always associated with wisdom. 18 year old Reed beautifully proves that point. Here’s a lovely breath practice that can help you tap into that awareness for yourself (and find more of this on the 10 Minute Quick Fix for Stress Relief here).

*translated as “comfortable seat”, but also considered the physical postures of yoga.

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Comments (28)

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