My junior year of college I injured the soft tissue of my lower back. It was a very common lower back injury, twisting while the spine was loaded. In this case, I was attempting to push over a trashcan filled with ice water as part of clean up as a Student Athletic Trainer. In one instant I knew that I had done something bad, but didn’t have “time” to take care of it. As I ignored the pain and the growing tension throughout the tissues that supported my spine, I developed Sciatic Nerve pain. It took a few weeks of therapy to decrease the persistent pain, and my prescribed exercise plan included lots of spinal stabilization and core work.

Yoga Tune Up® is the perfect answer for recovery after back injury. Once you no longer have pain, it is time to rehabilitate the muscle. If you imagine your body as a house, any injury is like a disruption to your foundation. You can’t just rub some dirt in it, but must go back to basics to rebuild your base. After any soft tissue injury, our body and brain subconsciously create a muscle “cast” by tightening all of the surrounding connective tissue and muscle to prevent further injury. (Modafinil Online) In some cases, the brain cuts off communication with the tissues to prevent the muscle from contracting and potential further injury.

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Here’s a great exercise for strengthening the lower back and core (also available on the Quick Fix for Lower Back Video):

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