In my previous article, Confessions of a Former Sensation Junkie, I reflected on my personal experience of working to heal repetitive stress injuries through Yoga Tune Up®. It has taken years for me to realize that by doing the same movements over and over again, I had created many body blind spots and compensation patterns in my movement and posture. It’s not just enough to move — one must also move well. YTU has served as a way to unlock my potential for self-healing and has helped me to discern what kinds of movement and positioning are best for me. In the continued process of healing a shoulder injury, I have used the information and scope of this practice to gradually increase strength and stability in my shoulders and core. My favorite Yoga Tune Up® pose for building strength and stability in these areas is Megaplank with Active Serratus. This pose involves engagement of the entire body, and highlights the serratus anterior muscle, which acts to help in stabilizing the shoulders during weight bearing.

Begin practicing Megaplank with Active Serratus by watching the video below!

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