About 2 years ago, I was experiencing a lot of shoulder pain and was diagnosed with biceps tendonitis, which is a fancy way of describing inflammation of the biceps tendon. This was most likely caused by instability in my rotator cuff muscles, which allowed the head of my humerus (aka upper arm bone) to press forward into the tendon. When functioning properly, the rotator cuff muscles act to evenly hold the head of the humerus inside the shoulder socket. A vital part of my healing was using the Roll Model Therapy Balls in addition to strengthening my rotator cuff muscles to keep my humerus centered in the joint instead of compressing the soft tissue and muscles around the joint. This condition caused many layers of adhesions in my tissues that needed to be addressed before doing strengthening work so that I wasn’t reinforcing poor postural patterns in my body. For me, the Roll Model Therapy ball sequences became a reset button for my entire upper body. My favorite Roll Model Therapy sequence to unlock tension in the upper back and shoulders is the following rotator cuff release. See the video below for how to do this self-massage for shoulders!




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