Below, for your viewing pleasure, and the freedom of unwrapping tightness in all three portions of the trapezius muscle, without an untidy extraction of one necessary four-chambered, blood-filled organ, is a video of  Reverse Crucifix. It is one of my favorites and I use it in my Vinyasa classes often. I am particularly fond of the moment when the chin lowers and the upper trapezius is liberated from the many hours it spends holding up our heavy heads. The middle and lower trapezius will also be quite pleased being released from the bondage of vulture-like, internally rotated, sad clown shoulders-sagging-forward sort of posture that is so common to the general population. (I can claim having previously been one of those…but then i wised up and became a Yoga Tune Up® teacher and now show my spine, my body, and yes, even my heart – the respect of which it is indeed worthy). Here’s hoping you do the same for yours.

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