Calf Relief with YTU Therapy Balls

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On Wednesday I wrote about the benefits of YTU therapy ball self-massage for the running community. This hard-hitting, repetitive, high impact sport can cause muscles to tighten, shorten, form knots, and get just plain cranky. Using Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball techniques offers a primer to prep tissues for post-run or workout stretching. The Therapy Balls enable a greater sense of release and relief of self-massaged areas. Another bonus of the myofascial release is that can set the stage for enhanced performance for the next run or any activity you may do.

A favorite rolling technique of mine is the Calf & Hammie Smash (shown below) which focuses on the posterior chain of the legs. It is a very time effective technique as is targets many areas at once. It also combines different ways to roll the balls giving the legs a variety of fascial friction. The focal pressure of the balls speed up blood flow and hydration in the tissues of the legs. If you’ve been pounding the pavement or trails, this calf and hamstring self massage exercise is for you!

Not into running? Hikers, high jumpers, high heel wearers, and anyone who uses their legs to move, can benefit from this YTU technique. Check it out here and let’s get rolling!


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Comments (37)

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