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Savasana: Yoga for Insomnia

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Savasana, or “corpse pose,” can work wonders for those who are challenged with anxiety or have difficulty catching their zzz’s.

This macabre sounding pose is very simple and can be done in any quiet environment. To minimize light and other distractions, place an eye pillow over your eyes.

Practicing corpse pose can help your body learn how to relax.

1. Lay down on the ground, bed or sofa with your legs a couple of feet apart, knees propped over pillows or a yoga bolster, hands about 1 foot away from your sides and palms facing up.

2. Lightly touch your index fingers and thumbs together on both hands to create jnana mudra. Place your attention at the fingertips and begin to feel the heart’s pulsation there.

3. Inhale for a count of three heartbeats and exhale for a count of six heartbeats.

4. As you relax more deeply, increase the counts to inhale for four heartbeats and exhale for eight heartbeats.

5. Practice for a minimum of 10 minutes daily at the end of the day to induce deep relaxation and prepare the mind and body for sleeping.

Sweet dreams! For another yoga insomnia remedy, I’ll be posting a video on Monday with a relaxing breath practice.

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Comments (21)

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