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Seniors Start Loving Their Feet

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In my senior classes I see pairs and pairs of feet that are misshapen, collapsed, misbehaved, ignored and overlooked of any attention and care.  Thirty-five years of yoga has taught me that feet are the control panels for all standing poses as well as moving around in life. (Valium)   In some schools of acupressure it is said that the order of disharmony begins at the feet. As seniors begin to have feet problems, their lives become dramatically limited leading up to them being unable to walk without constant pain. In each class with my senior students I spend a good deal of time and attention on getting them to meet and love their feet!

Regular indulgence using Yoga Tune Up® Balls for massaging feet is a wonderful boon for waking up awareness of neglected feet. Along with Yoga Tune Up® Ball Therapy I bring in simple but profound and overlooked movements that benefit mobility in the feet.  What I have noticed with seniors new to yoga, is the intense tightness in the calves and Achilles tendon.  When the Achilles are very tight they function more as stilts then as bouncing off points.  The overall feeling from working the feet with YTU Balls and YTU movements ripples through the entire body.

Yoga Tune Up® Dandasana Ankle Circles (shown in the video below and on the Quick Fix 10 Minute video for Feet and Ankles) are wonderful in their simplicity and profound in their action.  With my senior students new to Yoga I have them sitting up on a bolsters or a few folded blankets to assist greater ease in Dandasana. When these seniors practice Dandasana ankle circles their eyes get really big as heat builds up and fuels the entire lower leg.  It is also great for the mind to coordinate rhythm of movement when they are attempting to move both feet simultaneously and play with individual movements within the 26 bones of the feet.

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Comments (17)

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