In my last article, I discussed the foundational Yoga Tune Up spinal bracing technique known as tubular core. Now that you know how this concept influences your body, it’s time to serenade the spine and awaken the Tubular Core orchestra or, the or-CORE-estra. Before we begin, shift your perspective to that of “every pose is an assessment”. Turn on your inner ear and listen to what your tissues are telling you…who’s participating, who’s not?

Baylea's Tubular CoreHow to activate tubular core for beginners:

  1. Inhale into the abdomen and inflate all abdominal contents as if it were an inner tube.
  2. Retain the inhale and hold the breath.
  3. While maintaining the held breath simultaneously draw the puffed belly inner tube towards the spine from all conceivable angles. It’s as though you are bracing for impact to the gut without exhaling.
  4. Quickly palpate your Tubular Core. The entire core including the sides of the waist, lower back and intercostals should all be firm.
  5. Exhale
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until the core’s orchestra is all in the same key during step 4.
  7. Then put your core’s orchestra to the test, attempting to recreate the sensation of Tubular Core without holding the breath.

If you’re looking to challenge and add precision to the activation of your Tubular Core, initiate using an abdominal thoracic breath (as demonstrated in the video below) in step 1, then proceed through step 7. In this variation, step 3 may feel as though you are attempting to cough without actually coughing.


Now that you have a harmonious or-CORE-estra, you are ready to take your abdominal work, inversions and heavy lifting to the next level. You will also detect traces of Tubular Core activation during daily respiration, elimination and (should you have to) expulsion of abdominal contents. It may even appear during everyday tasks from dressing to dishes. With proper awareness you will be amazed at how often your Tubular Core can be utilized throughout the day to help improve core-dination, posture and strength.


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