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Shoulder TLC for Volleyball Players

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In my previous piece “The Rotator Cuff Lowdown for Volleyball Players,” I touched on the role the rotator cuff plays in overhead motions such as blocking and spiking for beach volleyball players. While there is no secret potion or magic routine to follow that will guarantee to prevent rotator cuff injuries, we know most injures to the rotator cuff are due to overuse and fatigue, and simple strengthening and mobilizing movements can work wonders to keep that rotator cuff healthy throughout your long beach volleyball career.

Yoga Tune Up® poses are a great way to enhance and maintain the rotator cuff mobility. One of my favorite Yoga Tune Up® poses that can easily be integrated into anyone’s rotator cuff routine is Hitchhiking Pizzas (learn how to do it here). This easy exercise can be done standing and only requires you to practice external rotation of the shoulders.

Try this YTU Therapy Ball sequence for the rotator cuff that can be done on a wall with YTU Trainer Sandy Byrne.

Hopefully you find relief and release for your shoulders in preparation for next season and the rest of your life to make shoulder injuries a thing of the past!


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Comments (6)

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