In my work and my personal practice, I am on a mission to end #RibThrusting one body at the time.

In my previous post you read about the spinal misery this common postural havoc creates and how you can create better position –STARTING NOW! Today I am going to break down for you 2 specific techniques to help you release tangled & glued spinal muscle tissue that rib thrusting has created in your body.


Watch this video of Jill Miller with Dr. Kelly Starrett where she breaks down the art and science of gut rolling.


Poor spinal alignment associated with rib thrusting creates a severely tense psoas muscle. Massaging the abdomen will promote circulation and penetrate through multiple gut layers, eventually accessing the psoas. This takes care of the rib thrusting business from the front; rolling out the Quadratus Lumborum (our second technique) targets the issue from the back.


  • Start in Constructive Rest Position
  • Place Yoga Block under your lower spine
  • Pin 1 Yoga Tune Up ball/ Alpha Ball on your Quadratus Lamborum (I personally love the Alpha )
  • Stretch your arms overhead & bend your knees
  • Take several deep breaths; directing them into your deep lower back
  • Chug yourself (propel from your feet) from north to south, so the ball can go up & down the QL fibers. Maintain for 2 minutes; then switch sides.


Rib thrusting goes hand in hand with anterior tilt of the pelvis (commonly known as swayback). This puts serious pressure on your QL muscles, leaving them tight and spastic.

This technique will help to untangle muscular restrictions in the back body, releasing tightness and allowing the QL to function more properly.

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