In honor of Spring and all of its novelties, I am sharing two Yoga Tune Up® techniques that literally wash away the remnants of bad-habits from your tissues and allow for the surrounding structures to blossom into their fullness. For now, we will focus on two highly used spaces of the body: the shoulders and the hips.


This shoulder sweep is actually the “warm-up” to the classic Gomukhasana or Cow Face Arms but it’s so heavily dosed with PNF your shoulders will sign in relief and become fortified.

**Note: Before you start: after you perform a PNF stretch you may have the urge to shake out a limb, or adjust your shoulders…DON’T. After all of your concentrated efforts to organize the compartments of the shoulders, don’t shake things up and let them retreat to their old places.

Watch the video below to shape up your shoulders.


This hip remodel brings balance to the muscles involved in mobilizing the hip joint by highlighting and employing both optimum tissue tension and relaxation. This particular approach follows the model, of quality over quantity so don’t sacrifice your alignment in pursuit of your end range.

**Note: Before you start again, resist the urge to wiggle or stretch after…just enjoy the reset. Unpack your junk drawer with these three cleansers you should surly keep in the cleaning bin that will leave you feeling lengthened.

Now that you have cleaned house, created space and organized your structure, it’s time for your tissues to enjoy their unspoiled tissue-ness and all that includes without being taxed with sluggish congestion or dormant foes. After the above exercises, take some time to stop and “smell the roses” with a few minutes of meditation or simple breathing strategies to seal the deal with the nervous system.

Relax with Jill in the video below.

Hope this helps you build your spring cleaning tissue routine!

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