Given that the erector spinae run the length of the back and play such a vital role in supporting the spine let’s talk Yoga Tune Up® poses to stretch and awaken these upper and lower back muscles. Stretch the erectors in forward folds like asymmetrical uttanasana (focusing on one side at a time), or apanasana with abdominal contraction where the abdominals engage to release and stretch the back further. Boomerang at the wall with a proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitator (PNF) would totally rock this – especially the iliocostalis. Strengthen and awaken them (seriously do this if you sit at a desk all day) with poses like runner’s lunge with abdominal contraction, cobra at the wall, squat arms up (with block at wall too), and locust minivini (in the video clip below). Mind the erector spinae like you would the gap on the London tube. Don’t understand that? Neither do I.

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