Strengthen Your Pectineus!

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Now that you have mobility in your pectineus, you can appropriately strengthen it using YTU exercises. Let me be crystal clear on mobility first: each muscle in your body has a length to strength ratio. If you do not have enough length in the muscle you will not be able to access its full strength capacity. One more time in different words: If your muscles are tight, instability is present, dysfunction occurs and a lack of strength is a result. It is as simple as that!

As previously mentioned in my first post, the pectineus is surrounded not only by other adductor muscles; but, also by the psoas and illiacus. There are a plethora of Yoga Tune Up® exercises that develop a strong pectineus (and its accompanying sidekicks): Adductor slides, Frog Crawls, Asymmetrical triangle, Sprinkler Garudasana, Walk the Plank and more. Here Jill demonstrates another adductor strengthener,  Prasarita Lunges (also available on the Quick Fix for Hips online video):

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Comments (26)

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