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Stretch Anytime, Anywhere

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Stretching, Phase 4:  a way of life.

Look around at your environment to aid you in a stretch.

1. Lean back in your desk chair and arch your back with your arms reaching to the sky once every 30 minutes (and try the pose below, also on the 5 Minute Quick Fix for Upper Back).

2. Walk into a stairwell and let your heels hang off a step to stretch your calves.

3. Stand in a doorway and place your palms on the sides of the door frame and step through to stretch your chest.

4. Lastly, join the “stealth club” like my friend Kelly Starret who manages to incorporate his stretching routine while at a night club!

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So what are you waiting for? Loosen up!

[Reprinted with permission from Gaiam Life.]

Comments (36)

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