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Stuck in a Rut? Shake It Up!

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Snow globe yoga: Shake it up! Inspiration comes in many forms. One of my favorite ways of practicing is to pick a pose, any yoga pose, and then imagine that pose in a snow globe. I shake up the imaginary snow globe and let the pose land in any and every possible orientation. The pose may land on its side, its back, its front, on one foot, etc. Maybe I throw a few props into this imaginary world, too. Then I practice the yoga pose variations.

You will learn so much about the components of your pose by changing its relationship to gravity. It is endlessly amusing and produces dozens of variations … many of which are even more effective for your body than the “classical” version! This satisfies the body’s and mind’s need for novelty, and will also teach you about the relationship between the muscles and tissues surrounding your joints in a given pose. Often we are unaware of how to use the many structures that are required to build integrity in a pose. When you “shake up” a pose, you shake up your practice, and your “yoga block” becomes a helpful prop rather than a hindrance in your evolving practice!

So pick a pose and get started! Here’s a series I recently did with Triangle Pose:

Good old Twisted Triangle
Twisted Triangle with a twist – there’s a block under my foot!
This twisted triangle fell to the ground!
Twisted Triangle Run Over By A Truck. This feels so good!

Staying fresh and excited about yoga ultimately boils down to being willing to see your practice — and your poses — as variable and interesting and as exquisite as real snowflakes: Even though they may all appear the same, look closer and you will see each one’s uniqueness.

Need more inspiration? Come practice with me at any one of my upcoming workshops or trainings to help step out of your yoga rut!

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[Reprinted with permission from GaiamLife.]

Comments (56)

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