Earlier this week, I told you about scalene muscles and the pesky problems they can cause. Today, I will show you ways to relieve trigger points and tension in this group of 3 small muscles in your anterior neck.

First of all, I recommended starting with massage to the scalenes. “Supraclavicle Scrub Out” is a terrific Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball massage routine that targets these muscles. This technique can be found on pages 329-330 in The Roll Model by Jill Miller or learned from a Roll Model® instructor in your area.

Due to the common issue of excessive screen time with forward head posture in our modern culture, it can be very helpful to lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor, in a YTU pose called Ardha Savasana (half corpse). While in this position, if your head is tilted back, you should place a small book or folded towel under your head to bring your neck to a neutral position (eyes should be looking straight up toward the ceiling). Rest in this position and practice deep breathing techniques for several minutes to decrease stress and tension in the scalene muscles.

Stretching the scalenes also aides in diminishing their tension. The video below shows an effective stretch for the scalenes and platysma in your anterior neck:

Finally, I recommend developing positive posture habits while sitting and standing, tucking your chin so that your ears are directly over your shoulders. An average adult head weighs 8 to 12 pounds, so adjusting your head back even an inch can make a huge difference in the tension you carry in your neck muscles. Pay special attention to how you hold your head while using your phone, computer or tablet, and place these screens directly in front of your face, rather than dropping your face down to the screen, with a goal of keeping your entire spine in neutral.

I hope this helps remedy tension in your scalene muscles and the wide array of symptoms they can cause!


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