As discussed in my last post, an unhappy posterior tibialis can lead to a whole host of problems, including fallen arches and heel bone deformity (yikes). To prevent and/or help to correct this, use your Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls to roll on the PT trigger point, located in the center of your calf, about 2 inches below the back of your knee.

And then perform the following Yoga Tune Up® poses with your Posterior Tibialis fore front in your concentration:

1) Barbie Doll Foot (featured below in the second half of the video)  will awaken the PT by concentrating on pressing away through the plantar flexion aspect of the movement.

2) Because weak hips (especially the abductors in this case) can exaggerate the problems in the foot and balance will help the proprioception in the ankle you can address two birds with one pose – Abductor Lifts Dynamic. Pay attention to the standing leg’s ankle and be sure it does NOT fall in.

3) Lastly the YTU pose Squat Arms up with Block at the Wall. This will help strengthen the posterior tibilais by keeping knees wide and will help to lift the arch.

In closing, next time you press your car pedal down think about pressing from the ball of your foot keeping the ankle in line! And since the PT is active during the swing phase of your walk it will thank you for all the time and effort you took to give it the TLC it deserves with these posterior tibialis exercises!

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