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Take Care Of Your Shoulders!

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The shoulder joint is a shallow ball-and-socket joint, and it needs all the help it can to stay healthy.  Compare it to the hip joint, which also is ball-and-socket but secured deeply with large muscles and tendons.  Imagine wrapping your hand around a small tangerine—that’s the hip joint.  Now try to wrap your hand around a cantaloupe.  Shoulder socket.  (‘Nuff said.)

I believe prevention is the best form of therapy.  Yoga Tune Up® helps us to prevent (and heal) injuries by promoting healthy movement in our own unique bodies.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses due to overuse, lack of use, injuries or accidents.  Stress, genetic structure, habitual holding patterns and diet can cause imbalances too.  Yoga Tune Up® illuminates our body blind spots in a fun, challenging and playful way, developing muscles and other tissues that might be less neurologically connected and informed, making us strong, safe and healthy on and off the mat.

Pranic Bath is a great Yoga Tune Up® dynamic movement to creates balance in the shoulder socket by taking the joint and all associated muscles through their full range of motion. I’ve included it below!

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Comments (50)

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