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Thank Yourself This Thanksgiving

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Tomorrow, many of us in the states will chop and prep our way to a delicious meal with friends and family for Thanksgiving. As you finalize your plans, try to don’t forget to get in a little self-care. After all, I know you’re all travelling with your therapy balls!

If you’re lucky enough to have Yoga Tune Up® classes in your area, go hang out with your friendly neighborhood YTU teacher, and bring a friend or two! I love seeing new faces in my classes around the holidays. There are classes and workshops happening throughout the holiday season, including November. Check them out here: https://goo.gl/oYS3k6

Practicing at home? I got you.

First up, work out some of the tension in your shoulders from running around the kitchen or talking to your uncle about politics. Put your shoulders back on your shoulders!

Next, help relieve low back pain and warm up your entire core with Sidewinder. Bonus: you can help mom clean the floors.

After sitting around the dinner table all afternoon, pay attention to your hips with Happy Baby Minivini.

After you’ve digested that big meal, give your guts a little love with the Coregeous ball.

Life is hectic, and we’ve all got folks who depend on us, but taking the time to care for yourself is always worthwhile. Use these self-care techniques to put yourself back on yourself!

Comments (10)

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