On Wednesday, we discussed the potential complications that occur due to a stiff pec minor. Stretching your chest muscles isn’t enough, you’ll need to address the positioning of your scapula and the overall health of your rotator cuff muscles.  Chronically tight internal rotators also affect the stability of the scapula, as rounding forward causes the inferior edge of the scapula to lift off of your ribs.

Going balls to the wall

The first thing you want to do to is address the built up tension in your pectoralis minor by rolling it out with YTU therapy balls. Any YTU ball size will work for this particular session, but I highly recommend the smallest size, the YTU Therapy Ball w/tote. Come face to face with a wall, place a yoga brick or large book against the wall at the same height as your chest. From here, place the YTU therapy ball against the brick and lean into it.  Begin by moving left to right, just under your collarbone and zig zag downwards, covering almost the entire surface of your pec. The slower, the better and don’t forget to breathe.

Open sesame

Next, Lay on your belly, arms out in a ”T” shape, and press both of your palms into the floor. Begin to roll over onto one side, moving away from the floor, creating a stretch in your chest muscles. You can choose to move the top arm back behind you towards the bottom arm to increase the stretch. This particular pose creates length through the pec muscles and the front of the shoulders, areas that may feel constricted due chronic internal rotation.

The exercises in the video below address all aspects of your shoulders, by working your shoulder blade towards an optimal position and addressing the surrounding rotator cuff muscles. Watch Jill as she leads you through it.

Hopefully, with these two options you will find some relief from your chronically shortened chest muscles!

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