January 2018 is here and there’s no better time to educate yourself on the ways of self-care fitness! It is our goal at Tune Up Fitness to empower you with simple tools and techniques to eradicate pain, improve your posture, and enhance your performance, so give these Top 10 Tips for a Pain-Free 2018 a try and let us know you feel!

Tip #1:
If your head tends to tip down towards your keyboard most of the day, then you’ll love this set of neck strengthening moves that helps bring the head back into proper spinal alignment. Click the link for this Yoga Tune Up® exercise from Jill Miller.

Tip #2: Do you tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders after working out or enduring a stressful day? Have a ball by lightening the load with this trapezius tamer movement that will help soften tension in your shoulders and neck


Tip #3: Working our way down, your lower back is next on our list. Your lower back negotiates multiple pressures from several zones. It is a crossroads that transitions motion from upper and lower, right to left and inside out. Through a combination of self-massage, self-traction, and stabilization Jill Miller shows you how to give your low back some love with a few specialized moves and a Coregeous® ball.

Tip #4: We want you to breathe easier and that starts with your chest by releasing physical and emotional tension in your diaphragm. YTU teacher Alexandra Ellis shows you how to wind down with some Thoracic breathing on the Coregeous Ball.  

Tip #5: Whether you suffer wrist pain from Downward Dog, sports, texting or life in general, these exercises will help strengthen and articulate the muscles of the forearm, wrists, and fingers.

Downward Dog Yoga Health

Tip #6: If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. Not so easy though if you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, which can include mild to moderate symptoms such as tingling in your fingers, and numbness and pain in your wrists. Try these pain relief techniques to help bring hand happy joy back into your life. 

Tip #7: Weak or inflexible core muscles can impair how well your arms and legs function. This “Abdominal-Free-For-All” exercises all the soft tissues that support the 70 joints of the spine and improves your spinal agility.

Tip #8: Did you know that you are constantly using your hip flexors when sitting? That’s right, those muscles are “stuck” in a contraction (and are thus “shortened”) and stretching is often not enough to make a difference in their length. Jill Miller takes you through a self care fitness exercise that will help lengthen and slacken your hip flexors so you perform better in sport and in life.


Tip #9: Moving to the back side of the leg, we find the hamstrings, and they too, are shortchanged by sitting all day. Using an Alpha Ball, Kelly Starrett and Jill Miller show you a cross-fiber technique to help you obtain better health and mobility in the hamstrings and its bony attachments.


Tip #10: We’ve arrived at the feet and to show our gratitude for joining us on the tour of the body, we’re gifting you with a “Toe-Ken of Appreciation.” Remember: A world of potential for movement resides in our feet. This technique will retain the foundation of your posture and keep your feet flexible, supple and strong.

Hope these 10 tips help prep your bod for all the moves you’ll be making this year.

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