On Wednesday, I listed the Top Ten things I have learned since beginning my Yoga Tune Up Teaching Journey.

I’m a movement educator, not a mathematician.  So, here’s No. 11 in my Top Ten List:

11. Sankalpas are super. One of the greatest things I learned from YTU doesn’t have to do with movement at all.  I learned to create a sankalpa.  It’s sort of a mantra but not really.  More than an intention, it’s a go to statement that keeps you honest and focused on a goal or place that you need to heal, be it body or mind.  It’s not the path that gets you there but the flashlight that guides you.  There’s a great system to create a magnificent sankalpa that you learn in the Level 1 Teacher Training Certification.

One of my sankalpas last year was, “It’s okay to say yes, and it’s okay to say no.”  Learning to say both of these words when it’s right for me was very powerful.

Two additional sankalpas that I learned and share with my classes are:  I am a student of my body.  I am a student of my breath.  Whether you want to be a teacher or have no intention of teaching ever, learning about your body and your breath is so powerful.  Tuned up.  Tuned in.  Yoga Tune Up®.

One day I’ll write a top 100 list of the things I’ve learned in Yoga Tune Up®.  I’m grateful and appreciative of the learning that has taken place and continues to take place with my fellow teachers/mentors.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.  NamasTerry.

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