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Trigger Your Breath

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I have a friend, and fellow coach, who is an elite level CrossFit athlete and a Yoga Tune Up® teacher’s dream.  He is strong AND supple and moves beautifully.  Despite having had a few serious injuries from his career as a college baseball player, this kid is a stunning example of self care.  He rolls out, mobilizes and warms-up methodically before every workout.  So when he started complaining about tingling in his arms and an ache in his upper back, I suspected there was something deeper going on than just the usual tight traps and gunked up rhomboids.  I suspected the trouble was in the serratus posterior superior.

The serratus posterior superior is one of our essential muscles of respiration. Getting to it is tricky because it’s buried deep beneath the meat of the trapezius and rhomboids and behind the scapula.Tension and trigger points in this area can manifest in a host of problems from pain behind the scapula to numbness in the hands.

Here’s a classic Yoga Tune Up® move that I would offer my friend to help him uncover and ameliorate his pain – find this and more like it on the Quick Fix for Upper Back video:

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Comments (34)

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