Marcus was a client of mine who came to me for Pilates classes.  However we did very little Pilates and focused on his acute lack of flexibility, through mobility and yoga.  He wore very high heels for work every day (yes men also have high heels on their every day working shoes!) and explained to me how he tore his hamstring not once, but twice.  He had had a wee bit too much to drink and challenged a girl outside a bar to a race.  He lost.  He did not warm up and never stretched a day in his life, but was proud of how hard he could box and how hard his personal trainer worked him.  What was he thinking!  I think after watching my expression, he decided not to tell me how it happened the second time.  It took months of painful massage and ball rolling to get rid of some of the scar tissue and cajole the hamstrings back to a somewhat normal length.  I was not a YTU teacher at the time, but now he’s adding a daily shot (pun intended) of Asymmetrical Uttanasana.

Use this stretch to help your hamstrings.

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