How do I take care of my flexor digitorum superficialis? So glad you asked! I use this Yoga Tune Up® stretch with Roll Model Therapy Balls for self-massage with my teams:

  • From table top, spin the shoulder into external rotation and continue that until the fingers are pointing toward your knees. Gently pressing more weight into the palms until you feel the stretch along the forearm. (See Jill’s demonstration of this in the video below – her version also stretches through the muscles of the palm).
  • Let’s get rolling: Use a Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball in one hand and using pressure, roll it from wrist to elbow on the inside part of your forearm. You may even notice a involuntary curling of the fingers when drawing the ball from wrist to elbow and a release/ extension of the fingers when dragging it from elbow to wrist.

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