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Let’s face it – all of us have a million things competing for our attention, from grocery shopping to paying bills to getting the tires rotated. The list goes on and on, and we as yogis should know better than to put off our practice because we’re “too busy.” When we’re at our busiest is when we need our practice the most, and just five minutes with the YTU Therapy Balls can be a full practice. Jill’s Quickfix Rx DVD is what got me hooked on Yoga Tune Up® – my neck, upper back, and shoulders felt really good, and the routines on this DVD showed me that I really always do have time for self-care for my chronically tight shoulders and that I don’t need to set aside an hour or more for practice. So, let go of the idea that there’s no time, and give yourself permission to take those five minutes for yourself at any time of the day. I am always grateful when I do.

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Comments (17)

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