When I first met my new client, he was walking with a limp. “What’s going on there?” I asked him, and he replied that he had some hip and lower back pain from playing tennis the day before. On further inquiry, I found out that he was an avid golfer and tennis player, but was always in some level of discomfort either during or after the game (and sometimes both). In addition, his regular day-to-day involved much sitting on airplanes, sitting in meetings, sitting in a car (you get the picture!) and all that sitting was setting his low back up for a pretty big shock when he went out to play a few rounds with his friends.

With a targeted program to both strengthen the core and relieve lower back pain, my client began to experience immediate relief and the limp all but disappeared. One of the first poses that I got him working on was the Revolved Abdominal Pose, which I’ve posted below, and which can also be found in the Yoga Tune Up® 5 Minute Quick Fix Lower Back video. This yoga therapy exercise strengthens and stretches both the muscles of the lower back and the obliques and transverse abdominals.

This pose, along with the full spectrum of poses from the Quick Fix Lower Back Video, will give you a vocabulary of safe and healthy movements that strengthen the biomechanics of the low back and keep you in great condition, so that you don’t have to give up anything you love!

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