It has been an incredible year of learning and growing here at Tune Up Fitness. We are so grateful for all of the incredible contributors to our blog, and you, our readers.

In case you missed them, here are some of our top viewed & shared self-care blog posts of 2019.

1. Groundbreaking Study on Self-Massage Using YTU Balls: The Science of Flexibility

Finally, a study that proves what we have known for years. Check out this post to learn the science of how our Roll Model® therapy balls transform your tissues.


2. Secret to Happiness for Seniors: Balance Exercises That Uplift

Are you a senior who is starting to slump? In this post featuring NYC actress Grace Kiley you will give you several easy, accessible practices to stay upright.


3. Healthy Aging Through Sustainable Fitness: A 4-Pronged Approach

TUF teacher Sandy Gross breaks down how to approach fitness to not just increase your performance, but increase your longevity.


4. My Journey Through Breast Reduction Surgery & Recovery

This inspiring post by Tiffany Holmes shares her intimate journey from the decision to get surgery, through pre-hab and re-hab exercises and mindset techniques.


5. Can Heartbreak Lead to Heart Breakdown? A Sit-Down with Sebastian Junger

An unusually personal interview of war reporter and best-selling author Sebastian Junger by Ariel Kiley tracking the relationship between loss, trauma, and heart health.


6. Springtime in Your Joints: 5 Ways to Preserve Joint Health with Jill Miller

Check out this post for Jill Miller’s take on the importance of, and techniques to, stay strong and supple in your joints.


7. Self-Care Foundations: Foot and Ankle Stretches and Myofascial Massage

Taking care of your feet and ankles is foundational to everything working beautifully above. Read this great post by Pam Ferner for simple exercises that’ll make a huge difference!


8. Understanding Ergonomics: The Essentials All Office Workers Should Know

Are you ready to get wise? This post by Diane Marra will give you gobs of science and techniques to take care of your body and mind in the workplace.


9. Healing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Massage, Breath and Movement

This thorough post by Stephanie Leger is a must-read for anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction or fitness professionals who want to better serve their clients.


Thank you so much for reading, commenting, sharing, and keeping the conversation going with us throughout 2019. We can’t wait for all the new learning in store in 2020!
Best wishes from the TUF blog team!

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