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Yoga Tune Up® for Mammahood!

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You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Now what? When I found out I was pregnant, past the exhilaration of the news, a slew of questions started swirling in my head from, Can I keep exercising, and how much? Should I do Kegels? How can I avoid diastasis recti? How do I minimize the typical aches and pains associated with pregnancy? To What about birth?” Questions around pregnancy can truly be overwhelming.

Pregnant BellyWhether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, one thing’s for sure – this time in your life will be unlike any other and things will change, whether you want them to or not. Some will remain in your control, while others will be in the hands of nature – not always easy to let go when you like to be the one in charge! While pregnancy can be a roller coaster of emotions with unexpected twists and turns, it’s also a perfect opportunity to learn go with the flow and enjoy the blessing of creating a life.

That being said, there are certainly choices you can make to help overcome the challenges that may arise in those nine months to enjoy a healthy pregnancy, free of the woes that are often the bane of expecting moms. Achy backs, swollen feet and labored breath are just a few of the common complaints – this is where Yoga Tune Up® comes in. The first thing I did upon finding out I was pregnant was to order Jill Miller’s webinar “Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby“.
The webinar covers a slew of Roll Model sequences to tackle your aches and pains, relaxation strategies, strengthening tools, as well as tips and advice from heavyweight movement educators, including Katy Bowman and Kelly and Juliet Starrett. The sessions also dispel some long held pregnancy myths – from the efficacy of Kegels to how to maintain your pre-pregnancy fitness routine, with some modifications along the way. Personally, I still practice yoga regularly and attend kettlebell classes in addition to my daily dosing of YTU therapy ball release and mobility work. But every person is different and every pregnancy is different. So where to start?

The first course of action you can take on your health pregnancy journey is to re-assess, and perhaps correct, your posture. As Jill says, “Your posture follows you like a shadow” and it’s no different when you’re pregnant. If your posture wasn’t optimal before, your body will now need to adapt to an already wobbly foundation because of the extra load you’re carrying. That can spell trouble for your entire architecture – from your ability to breathe, to your spinal stability, not to mention the increased tension placed on key real estate, aka your psoas and abdominal muscles.

Come back Friday to find out how to find your perfect posture as well as how the Coregeous® ball can help you liberate your ribcage for ease of breath and global tension release.


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Comments (17)

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