Any object you use to knead, compress, stroke, or prod your body without breaking the skin is a stress-transfer medium—a massage tool that attempts to mimic the touch of another human being. Throughout history, people have used objects to rub out their aches and pains. The oldest device found to date, a Neolithic jade ritual blade from China, is thought to be from 2000 BCE. Special sticks, stones, ropes, vibrating tools, and fabrics have been used for self-soothing for generations. It seems that everything old is new again, and self massage implements continue to be popular, slightly redesigned according to the medium of the day.

After years of trial and error, Jill Miller found a ball made from the right grippy rubber coupled with a pliable density with just enough squish to tumble into all the issues in her and her students’ tissues and The Roll Model Therapy Balls were born. They come in a variety of sizes to target different regions of the body for your desired pressure effect. Learn about the different ball sizes and the three significant features that make the therapy balls effective in the infographic below (click infographic to view full size). 


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