The Roll Model Therapy Balls are made of a natural latex rubber. If you have a serious allergy to latex we recommend you not use the Therapy Balls. If you have a mild allergy to latex you could most likely use them as long as they are not in direct contact with your skin, but rather used with a layer of clothing between you and your skin. As with any medical condition, however, we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before use. There are no phthalates (a PVC softener) in the solid Therapy Ball products (Original YTU, PLUS, ALPHA). Phthalates, in a non-detectable trace amount, less than the allowable .1 percent are used in the Coregeous ball, which has passed all tests from the manufacturer in accordance with CPSIA Section 106 and 108 as well as California Proposition 65. Please note that the plasticizer in the Coregeous Ball can cause the ball to adhere and possibly damage some varnished or lacquered wood furniture if left in contact for extended periods of time.

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