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What is the Coregeous Ball weight limit?

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The Coregeous Ball is burst proof up to 250lbs. This means that if all 250lbs were exerted onto the ball in one focal point, it would burst. The Massage protocols with Coregeous are not exposing the ball to that same demand. When the body lies upon the ball, the majority of the body’s mass is supported by the floor, and only the tissue region targeted by the ball is applying pressure into the ball. Thus, there is very limited risk of bursting, even if the person’s weight exceeds the burst limit on the ball. That said, we can not guarantee the ball will not fail, as there are many possible reasons for that happening. Should your ball burst, and it was purchased within the last 6 months directly from the tuneupfitness.com website and not subject to neglect of storage, we will assist with a replacement or refund.

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