Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program



The unique poses, sequences and routines of the Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program are designed to stretch, strengthen and heal from head-to-toe. With a focus on finding your body’s “blind spots” – areas that have become weakened due to overuse, underuse or misuse, and are now prone to pain and injury – these specialized routines will help balance out your entire physiology.

Simply put, this at-home yoga program gets your body in its optimum form for you to reach your fitness goals. So whether you’re just starting to exercise, a practicing Yogi, or an athlete in training, the Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program will keep you on track.

How the At Home Yoga Program Works:

  1. You'll Begin at a Level Customized for Your Needs and Goals
  2. Each Month You'll Get a New DVD with Multiple Routines
  3. Manage Your At Home Program with your Private Dashboard
    • Change Levels or add DVDs to your monthly shipment
    • Modify your shipping schedule to weekly, bi-weekly, or Monthly
    • Put your Program on Hold or Cancel at any time

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The Yoga Tune Up® At Home Program consists of 4 LEVELS with six DVDs in each Level; 24 DVDS within the entire program. Each DVD includes 3 sequences that are typical of a shorter “class” style format, with each pose segueing into the next. Each at-home yoga program DVD has two different routines, one that’s about 15 minutes and another that’s about 30 minutes, plus a fluid combination of both routines -- providing a full 45 minute session. Your monthly DVDs progress in skill advancement and introduce new poses and sequencing, allowing you to build a DVD library of routines so you'll always have that perfect routine based on how your body FEELS and how much TIME you have.

You'll start by choosing one of two different "Packages":

  • The GOLD PROGRAM ($24.95) begins you with two DVDs from your starter level, then each month you'll get a new DVD that progresses your advancement
  • The PLATINUM PROGRAM ($79.95) provides all six DVDs of your starter level to fast track building your library, then each month you'll get a new DVD
  • Each month's recurring DVD is only $14.95

The At Home yoga program does not include any Therapy Ball work as it is a pose and sequence based fitness program. We highly recommend you include the Massage Therapy Full Body Kit when purchasing your At Home Program for a complete, full body stretch, strength, and myofascial massage regimen - these two programs provide the perfect combination of at home fitness and therapeutics to help balance out and heal those body blind spots.

Find out what Level is right for you. Start your At Home Yoga Journey today!