If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of myofascial release therapy to improve your own fitness or to learn how to help others live better in their bodies, consider enrolling in one of these two Tune Up Fitness® correspondence courses.
The Roll Model® Method Correspondence Course is accessible to those new to therapeutic mobility techniques but also provides significant anatomical
context to help with content comprehension and application of its principles. Designed to solidify your understanding of The Roll Model Method, this online exam, book, and video series combination course uses The Roll Model Book by Jill Miller to provide an overview of the science and tools needed to safely
and effectively execute therapeutic mobility techniques.
The Treat While You Train® Correspondence Course provides a structured approach for fitness professionals to learn myofascial self-care using therapeutic mobility techniques. Another exam, book, and video series combination, the techniques and learning are intended to help prevent injury and treat pain while engaging in physical training learn to apply myofascial release principles to improve mobility, decrease pain, and increase the body's proprioception.