Whenever something is hurting or bothering me, instead of addressing the issue or allowing some self-care so that I can heal faster, I have a tendency to either ignore it or just avoid using that certain arm or shoulder that is hurting.   I know that the same is true for many of my yoga students.  I have a few who have wrist issues and I will offer them options whenever we come into Downward Facing Dog. Instead of placing all of their weight on their hands, I will give them the option of either working on externally rotating their shoulders or coming into Dolphin pose with their forearms on the ground so that less strain is applied to the hands and wrists.  Because the sensations can be so intolerable for some, they will quickly come out of the pose and say that they just have bad wrists.

I had a teacher who said that there is no such thing as bad knees and I feel the same goes for wrists, there is no such thing!   When they come back to class again, they are faced with the same thing over again.  In some cases, going to yoga class may be the only time that their wrists ever get that kind of full extension and strengthening.   Obviously, this should be done on a much more regular basis.  One way to ensure self care for your wrists is by giving them some attention by doing some simple and easy to do exercises that can be done without props or in your office.  Check out the Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix video for Hands, Wrists and Elbows for some quick relieving exercises.  The next time that you walk into class you can show your yoga teacher or even some of the other students with “bad wrists” what you did to rid yourself of pain.

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