My boyfriend is an avid tennis player.  He has been playing since he was a little kid and even played on a team while in college.  He has gotten back into it again over the last two years and since then has also developed what I would call “tennis wrist”.  (No, I am not mistaking this for tennis elbow!)  Much of the sensation that he has been feeling during and after playing tennis is from gripping the tennis racket as well as from the swinging motion of going into a backhand or forehand.  From overusing the muscles through the forearm, he constantly feels a slight tenderness that persists for one or two days until he plays again.  He does some simple stretches, wrist exercises for tennis players, and light massage of the muscles running along the forearm, but not enough to alleviate some of the pain he gets.

He could probably benefit from spending some time doing yoga for wrist pain before and after his tennis games, focusing on a Yoga Tune Up® pose called Reverse Crucifix, shown in the video clip below.  It is a perfect stretch for the whole length of the arm and especially for the extensor muscles.  It also can be found on Yoga Tune Up® Quick Fix for Hands, Wrists and Elbows as well the YTU Jill Miller Post Workout Stretch Routine DVD.  This pose will surely get him back in the game without any pain.  You never know, maybe his backhand will even improve!

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