Some great Yoga Tune Up® poses to reconnect to your pubococcygeal muscles by awakening and engaging, as well as stretching and releasing them are:

Adductor slides—to contract the pelvic floor, along with the inner thighs.

Squat at the wall with arms up—this is a great way to put intentional pressure on the pelvic floor and strengthen it (this is also a great place to play with engaging and releasing the pubococcygeus and other pelvic floor muscles).

Half Happy Baby—this is a great way to create pull on the pelvic floor by extending one hip and bringing the other into deep flexion (shown in the first part of the video clip below):

Most importantly, get on your Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls! You can massage the pubococcygeus and the other pelvic floor muscles to bring circulation to them and gently release them. For instruction on how to do this gently and well, check out Jill’s webinar!

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