My Mother lives primarily in her Sympathetic Nervous system. Decoded, this means, she is in a constant state of stress. Sometimes it is situational, but mostly it is due to years of unresolved emotional stress. Left to support two young girls alone, the fear and frustration manifested in her musculature as tight neck and shoulders, as well as shallow breathing. It is almost as if she hasn’t had a deep fulfilling breath since she was a child.

The current state of my mothers’ body is one riddled with pain from numerous surgeries including back and hand that has left her with almost no movement in her right palm and fingers. I often find it to be true that when one feels as though they have hit bottom, then the world begins to open. I believe this is because they are willing to try new things.

I have been involved with yoga for over 20 years, and it is just in the last one that my mom has decided to open the door. With one weekly class in her tiny town of about 1500 people, and a three month mediation challenge, not only has her mental stress reduced, she also has begun to FEEL her breath! It is not as though my mom never reverts to old patterns of behavior, the win is when she notices and realizes that it is something she can change.  We recently took a trip to Sedona where I taught her Bridge Lifts to reduce her stress, which you can watch below and also in the 10 Minute Quick Fix Breathing and Stress Relief video.

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